Core Values

We believe in going beyond the expected for our clients. We ask smarter questions in order to provide you with better insights. Our entrepreneurial culture gives us the creative freedom to go beyond the routine and deliver better results for our clients.

We act in our clients' best interests and bring the best of Isherold Investments to all of our clients. We advise our clients without influence of bias and value innovation and creativity. We expect to be judged and rewarded based on our performance.

We recognise that our people drive our success. Our people work together as One to share knowledge, solve problems and deliver the best solutions for our clients.

Agility: We think fast, move swiftly and act decisively. Our entrepreneurial drive gives us the freedom to take on new challenges, think creatively and capture opportunities that others cannot.

Rigour: We work with integrity and discipline and stand up for what we believe in. Our work is thorough and our solution robust, because it really matters to us to do what is right - for our clients, our people, and our investors.
Honesty and integrity with our clients at every stage of the process forms the basis of the company’s corporate culture.
We strive to support projects that embrace the principles of sustainable non-consumptive use of natural and renewable resources and, which are also economically, environmentally and socially sustainable. This relies on a holistic approach that is able to take into account the complex inter-relationships between the various physical, biological, social and economic factors, as well as how these function within the African context.

Isherold Investmentswe think big, reach new heights.